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June 21, 2021


Nancy Buennemeyer

Best wishes!! Thinking of you. I’m getting both mine done in July.


Good decision. I have had both eyes done. The regimen of drops afterwards is the biggest issue and even that part is not terrible. You will enjoy the results.


It was easy.


Best wishes for a safe surgery and speedy recovery!!


Hope all goes quickly and easily! Take care...


I’m sure it will be worth it. Best wishes!

sue s

Good luck! Those who I know who have been through it are pleased with the results/

Linda Kay Smith

You'll be so glad you had it done. It is so much easier and faster than it was years ago. Best wishes!

Nancy Alderman

Best of luck!,

Debbie R.

Hope all goes well!

Stephani in N. TX

Good for you, get it out of the way. I had a friend encourage me, explaining it step by step before I even made a date with the eye doctor. Your eyes will thank you when stitching or reading.

Mary Kastner

I will be thinking of you. Best Wishes. Mary

T Holzer

Good luck and take care, Nicole.


You're in excellent company for cataract surgery this week! I know two other ladies who are having their first eyes done today! I'm encouraged because it's going to be my 'turn' soon! Happy birthday to Ozzie!🐶🦴


Wishing you a successful surgeru x2. Take care of yourself. Happy bd Ozzie. I remember when he was the little shoe eater.

Arrowhead Gramma

Wishing you the best with your cataract surgeries. I am having the one in my right eye taken care of in mid-July. Had the left eye done in 2013. Like you I cannot wait to get rid of the blurry vision and really enjoy my sewing and embroidery work again. Take care.

Kerry L.

Wishing you have a speedy recovery Nicole!


Take care! Also, this means you don't have to cook, right? ;p


Best wishes! I've had both eyes done a couple of years ago. You'll do great!


Wishing you skilled hands for your physician and a speedy (and patient) recovery.

Pat Kleber

Having my 2nd eye done tomorrow! I am amazed what a difference it made in just one eye! Good luck tomorrow....are you having corrective surgery as well. I’m glad I opted for it! My best!


Best wish for a quick surgery and speedy recovery. I had both eyes done last summer! It was the easiest surgery I’ve ever had. Painless afterwards. I just kept a chart to keep track of the eye drops! So glad I had it done!


Best wishes and speedy recovery....fairly easy surgery and you will be glad it is done!


My father was an ophthalmologist, and back in the day, it was a 10-day stay in the hospital with sand bags around your head...Yikes!! I'm so glad it's streamlined these days, and I hope all goes well for you, and you have no extra problems!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Best wishes for an uneventful and successful surgery. I'm heading in that direction myself.

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