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June 03, 2021


Claire S. Drake

Keep rambling, it is good for the soul.

Janet S

Lucky you. Sure wish I would loose my appetite. Love the little quilt. A perfect table topper.


Would love a little help on the sashing of blocks or where to go to get some guidance. My first sew along was this blockheads I had bought the first blockheads book I have all my blocks in a binder with sleeves and not a clear idea of what to do now I’m sure all my blocks are not perfect but I would like to put them together in to some project that displayed this year long journey. I want to complete it any ideas would be appreciated
I too enjoy your thoughts 😊

Carol in Texas

Nicole, I think you gave us that lady’s name in your blog several months ago. I would have to go back and back to find it but I do recall that information. My blocks are all the same size, but I remember an interesting setting that I liked. I have mine set aside for now but I would like to find that particular setting that was so interesting. I could put that data with the blocks for when I get around to it....if I ever do!

Mary Kastner

We went out to launch yesterday for the first time in over a year too! What a treat and I wasn't nervous at all. Outside lots of air and the tables were placed far apart. All I could think about was how are these businesses going to make it through this pandemic? Things are looking a little brighter. THank goodness!



Oh the little coneflower block just made my heart dance! So adorable. Ramble on anytime!


I love those blocks. It is going to be a beautiful quilt. I have the same issue of having to start all over figuring stuff out if I put something aside for a break. So frustrating.

So glad you and Eva got out to celebrate the end of school. Yay! Summer should be fun. You both earned a break.


Your blocks are so cute--the bee is timely here because my husband just got two hives. 🐝 They're good for the environment & we're learning lots of bee facts! Congratulations on a lunch at a restaurant! Who would have ever guessed that one day we'd be excited & celebrating eating a meal out?? And, good for you on the weight loss!


Yay so glad you made it through the school year! It is one for the history books for sure! I wish I lost 15 pounds! I've totally gained during this pandemic and can't lose it :(

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