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June 18, 2021


Karen Seemuth

All three blocks are stunning! You do such a wonderful job selecting fabrics for each block. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. 😊

Mary Kastner

Enjoy every minute with your Dad.

Mary Kastner

Enjoy every minute with your Dad.

Debbie R.

Enjoy the time with your Dad! Every moment is to be treasured. My Dad is 96 too. Because of Covid, and the fact that they live at a distance, I haven't been able to see him or my Mom for nearly two years. Am hoping to see them both soon.

Your red and white blocks are spectacular!


you are truly blessed. enjoy your weekend with your dad. the blocks are beautiful. I want to make a granny square quilt but haven't gotten to it yet. so many quilt ideas and so little time.

stay cool! our senior pup is just miserable in this heat. I feel so badly for her. even with lots of shade she is miserable.


Your blocks are wonderful. I love that you are still enjoying the love of your dad in your life. Enjoy your time together. Knowing someone close that has lived so long is such an amazing thing. I am happy for you both! Happy dad's day to your fellows too.


I really like that pinwheel block! Enjoy Father's Day weekend with your dad! You're so fortunate to have him in your life!

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