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June 08, 2021


marie Woodhouse

Hi Nicole,
your quilt top looks amazing in that setting, it is pleasing to the eye. I am sorry for the health issues that your hubby has to cope with and I have you in my prayers. This whole "covid times" have given everyone so much to cope with, and it is interesting how the two countries have managed it. We in Ontario are going to be opening up slowly after being in lockdown since April. I really want to get my hair cut and be able to get in the car and drive somewhere other than a grocery store. Friday at Midnight is the end of our lockdown. For the most part the Ontarians have cooperated well with the restrictions. Our numbers are dropping and that makes me feel good. I have had my first shot Pfizer and my second shot is scheduled for September but they are taking 75 year old this week and I think I will be able to get my next shot much sooner. I am so impressed with the roll out of vaccines in Ontario and the way our provincial governments have managed covid. These politicians have really been steady and their strength of character has really impressed me. Our public health doctors have been so good at explaining what is happening in our communities and basically keeping us calm and well informed. Our hospitals are getting back to normal and rescheduling all the post-poned surgery's and such. They are still saying that a 4th wave may be coming and they are concerned with the variants in our communities.
Today I am going to see some kittens and will pick out the one I want to have. I really want an orange cat, as I have never owned one. Orange cats are usually males. I will be visiting my friend Pat and she is the gal who sourced the kittens for me as there are no pets available in Ontario, (another strange thing about covid times) I think folks are pet hording. The OSPCA has been bringing in animals from Egypt, and selling them for a few hundred dollars, cause when you adopt a pet you have to pay their air fare as well. So I thought that is silliness. The animals all have something wrong with them, and they have restrictions as well. I want a new kitten and no issues, the old fashion way is how I am going to get a kitten and I will be responsible for deworning and shots, so it will be interesting how this will work out. The mom had a litter of 4 kittens, one is dark orange, one is light orange and two are gray.
My friend Pat is a quilter as well and she wants me to show her how to use the ruler foot and rulers. I don't really know, as I purchased a mini set to just do smaller projects. I have no real interest in quilting anything larger than that. It works on unit size in your block. I made a small table runner from fabric leftovers of an BOM and will use it as my practice piece. I used the 10 inch creative grid log cabin duo ruler. It was a zoom class I took and that is what I made.
Well I must get going as I have a two hour drive to Teeswater to Pat's home. Have a great day, we are in a heat wave 36 degrees yesterday!

Debbie R.

The quilt looks great. And if you can chalk it up as a finish, even better! I look forward to hearing about and seeing your adventures with the next sew along! Red and white -- it will be good!

Lisa D.

That quilt setting is very unique! I love it!


I like your setting, the half-square triangle blocks keep it from looking jumbled (always a potential pitfall with sampler quilts). And I agree, cohesiveness tends to be an issue with sampler quilts. I'm almost finished with my mini version, I need about three more blocks. I say "about" because I keep finding new blocks that I like better than some of the earliest ones I made.


Your just-about-finished top setting is great! I agree that the HST's allow for some 'order' among the various blocks. I'll look forward to your red & white progress! Have a good week!


Really lovely quilt. Can't wait to see your red and white blocks!

Also, I tagged you on IG. There is a woman in Oklahoma that sells vintage quilts acquired at estate sales.

Just amazing to see the beautiful quilts she finds. Makes me sad that no one in the families wants to keep them and pass them down. :( Anyway, they are just beautiful to look at.

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