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June 02, 2021



My best wishes for your husband's recovery and to your family to be able to be at home together.

Linda B

Great idea...I was in the same place. Thanks for the suggestion!

sue s

I agree about the sewing machine. I, too, save block patterns from previous QALs. I recently decided to enlarge a quilt from 9 to 12 blocks and those patterns came in very handy! I'm actually starting Comfort & Blessings this month. If you have any hints let me know!


The Whirlpool block is new to me & I like it! That's a great choice to substitute for the sewing machine. Hope you're having a quiet week with time to do a little for yourself.

Mary Kastner

That was a good plan IMHO. I like your block a lot. Hope things are going OK at your house. My thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.


Debbie Martin

Prayers for your husband and you. I also pray your dad will continue in good health. Hugs

Carol in Texas

I just read your previous entry to see what you were talking about. I knew about your dad but not about your husband. Prayers and blessings your way! You need them! I do hope the treatments do the trick and he can recover peacefully at home this summer. Cancer is such a fear for us all. But modern treatments are so effective. I do hope you get those large blocks of sewing time your desire. I love your blog and am so grateful you take the time to communicate with us all.


oh, I love what you are substituting in place of the sewing machine. Much better fit. the weather is so much cooler today. hallelujah. ;p

Patty Fowl

Nicole, I should have commented yesterday but my day got away from me. I wanted you to know that I am in awe of what you are juggling and dealing with. Please know, that I am keeping you and your husband in my thought and prayers and hoping for a full and complete recovery for him. In everything you are dealing with and going through, you have never shown a bit of feeling down or "woe is me"... being a caregiver is a tough job and often, the caregiver ends up needing some TLC themselves. Please do take care of yourself!!


I have been waiting for the sewing machine block to show up and I felt the same way as you. It doesn't really belong but it was what caught my eye in the quilt. Now I'm not sure if I would keep it in or not.


Nicole, this last winter when I needed help, a wise older friend told me the just because other people are also going through tough situations doesn't make our own situation any less difficult, and that we shouldn't feel guilty about feeling overwhelmed.
Thank you for feeling that you could share that with us. Sending love and strength.

Penny Holliday

Although the sewing machine block is very cute I do agree the Whirlpool block that you substituted is more appropriate for the quilt you are making ~ great choice /great work ~ love the color! I hope that you enjoy a peaceful/restful summer with lots of relaxing sewing & quilting! My best wishes for a successful treatment & speedy recovery to your husband!

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