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June 07, 2021



Thanks for the ruler recommendation. What a great way to celebrate an anniversary!


I'll second the recommendation for Doug Leko's Simple Folded Corner ruler! I have two sizes after reading about them on Nicole's blog a few years ago. They've just about eliminated having to draw the lines & hope you sew the ¼" seams accurately! The party sounds great! What a fun way to safely get back into a little socializing!

Annie O

I just bought a Folded Corner Clipper yesterday at my local quilt shop, Superbuzzy. I’ve seen lots of quilters posting good things about it. Glad your error was able to be reworked!
Things should get a lot more friendly in a couple of weeks when the state opens up. Can you imagine the backlog of rescheduled weddings in the state!


I teach quilting and I'm always on the lookout for the best tools. I found this ruler a few years ago. I explored other rulers, and this is definitely my favorite.

A lovely block, BTW - a great example of the variety you can achieve with HSTs.

sue s

I've been using Doug's ruler for quite a while now and love it! I did have a little trouble at first lining things up with the ruler, but I'm a pro now!
Pretty block.

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