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June 16, 2021



My daughters dog was 14 years old and went through what you are describing. He paced and trembled, lost bladder and bowel control. For his relief, she had him put to sleep. Painful. It’s better to have loved and lost than to never to have loved at all.


Hi, love your blocks. The red is beautiful! Take a close look at the uppermost block in your blog post. Upper left corner. Half square triangle block needs a quarter turn, if that makes sense.

Christine NETT

Looks like you twisted the top left corner on that last block. Hate when that happens!

Mary Kastner

Your blocks are lookingso good. Good luck with the dog.


Anita L Jackson

oh gosh, poor doggie, poor humans.... I've got a super overactive and hyper dog. Jack Russell...need I say more. I've given her a "pot" gummy for dogs before and she soothes down nicely. Hope all is figured out for the best :)


Remy's condition is heartbreaking & scary all at the same time. Poor pup & poor you guys trying to soothe him. It's so difficult. You're doing a good job & he's lucky to be in your home while his family is away.❤️ Wishing you a peaceful day.

 Debbie R.

Your blocks are gorgeous. Sure hope things improve with Remy. That is hard on all of you.

Jean Thut

They might look into CBD oil for sweet Temy.


poor remy. my old girl was the same way before she was medicated. it is so hard to watch and there is no comforting that calms them. :(

your blocks are just beautiful. it really is going to be a beautiful quilt. try to stay cool.


Poor Remy. I sure hope there is some help. We had a neighbor with an old dog that would get up and go out the doggie door in the night. She would realize the dog hadn't come back to bed. she would find the poor fellow out in the yard standing there confused and not knowing what to do. I don't know what other things she dealt with. My heart goes out to you all.


My friends dog had major anxiety when fireworks went off. The vet recommended buffered aspirin and it helped tons! Rolly was elderly and the vet said it was less costly than other medications for a senior dog. It will be interesting to see what your vet does. Poor little guy, aging is hard for all species.

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