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July 29, 2021



What a great idea!


Excellent idea 💡 thanks for sharing - can't wait to do it on mine.


I did this years ago with my Dear Jane book and several others, at the time Staples charged me $3/book. It's a game changer, isn't it?


You can also ask them to put a clear plastic cover on the front and back. Costs a little more, but well worth it.

Mary Kastner

I have never done this trick but have friends that have and it is a really good fix!



Thanks for reminding me about this! I have a few that need the spiral.


That's a great idea! I'm sure the shop owner will appreciate the repeat business. Plus you're shopping at a small local business helping him out, too!

Patty Fowl

I have done this with my quilting books for quite some time. Be mindful that prices can vary more than a few dollars from FedEx to Office Max to Staples. I always have the clear plastic cover placed on the front and back also.


oh, man! $5?! bargain! and yes, I do have this problem. try to stay cool this weekend and don't forget to take drumsticks....


Brilliant! And what a DEAL!!!


I have done that to several books and it works out so well. Quilting and cookbooks are good one for the spiral. Staples does it here but I would love to have a small shop that would do this.


I've had that done for my music books for on the piano. Game changer. I got the Electric Quilt book for Christmas and the spine was broken when it arrived. I should get that one spiral bound. Thanks for the idea!


I have taken all of my books that I know I will be "using" to Staples for years for this. I think the original price was around $3; now around $5. On tutorials that have lots and lots of pages I have them put a clear plastic cover sheet on them along with the spiral binding. Game changer :-)

Jennifer in Indy

I asked for this for my birthday one year and it was the best present! I gave my mom a bunch of books and they came back spiral bound :)

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