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July 19, 2021



So glad to hear that your eyesight is getting back to normal. I imagine that it was a very scary (and frustrating) experience.
The Pumpkins and Blossoms fabric line is so pretty. I look forward to seeing what you make with it.


Glad to hear that you are now on the road to recovery! It must have been a scary experience - be patient and take care of you - sewing will happen. Looking forward to the quilts you will create with the new FQ bundles

Ruth Tacoma

So nice to see you back blogging! I pray your eyesight improves steadily and you are back to doing all the things you love quickly. Glad you got a little retail therapy in! :) I saw the Kitty Corn at my LQS and it is such a fun collection!


Glad to hear your doc things you're on track, even if that feels frustrating compared to hopes. I did laugh out loud at the "Dracula at dawn" comment. One friend told me the worst development after her cataract surgery was she could see just how much her house needed dusting. We all immediately asked if her husband could. She said he hadn't had his surgery yet and we assured her she could take a little more time before worrying about the dusting. That's what friends are for, right?!

Lynn Humphreys

Slow and steady for your eyes. I forgot how bright everything was, my eye doctor said that is normal and your eyes will adjust in time - I wore my sunglasses everywhere, especially in the grocery stores!! Hope you have continued improvement, take care.

Peggy B

would you mind sharing your quilter's info with me? I have several flimsies that need her touch and I know if you use her she must be good! It's hard to find someone without seeing their work first hand. I live in South Carolina so that would be pretty convenient. Thanks so much

Gloria Y

Nicole, I was beginning to worry about you. So glad you are on the "road to recovery."

I, too, noticed the brightness of everything!

I am curious as to name of your quilter, I live in Charlotte.


So happy you’re on the mend. Nothing is more frustrating than just sitting around and not being able to do what you enjoy doing. I like your fall fabrics.

Claire S. Drake

So glad to see you posting today. Was getting concerned. I have a friend who was having cataracts removed and was scared. I told him it was no big deal. Well, for him it was. He had a reaction to the meds and was so sick. I felt so bad for him as I do for you. Guess I was just lucky. Take it slow and feel better soon.
Claire Drake


I'm sorry that recovery is much slower than you had anticipated, but am glad you had the surgery. Time will pass and eventually you'll be very glad you had it done. Can't help but think maybe this slower recovery is natures way of making sure you DO take it always works that way for me! Patience is one virtue that I always have to work on - I want everything to happen NOW. : )

Sara F

I'm glad your eyes are returning to a new normal. I noticed after cataract surgery too that colors seemed brighter. Before surgery I often complained that it was like looking through dirty windows.

sue s

I'm glad to learn you are recovering. I've had some eye issues recently (not serious so far) that the first doc couldn't figure out. Waiting to see doctor#2. It's so scary when it's your eyes! I love Pumpkins and Blossoms but I ned a plan for it first!

Kerry L.

Was worrying about you Nicole! Very glad to hear from you this morning!
Hope your eyes make a speedy recovery. Sending lots of good wishes your way!

Debbie R.

Glad to hear that things are starting to look up. Best wishes for a full recovery of your vision.

Mary Kastner

Glad to hear you are doing better. Take care of yourself. Baby steps for now!


I, too, have been thinking of you & sending good thoughts your way. It was a nice surprise to look at your blog today & find that you've 'checked in' with your readers! We'll still be here when you're back at your machine! 💕

Patty Fowl

So very happy to hear you are "on the mend". I have missed you!! We always seem to be "twins" in our fabric selections. I have Kitty Corn on order and although I didn't order any Pumpkins and Blossoms, it is only because I hoarded so much All Hallows Eve last year and still have quite a bit left. Hope this week brings you vast improvements!!

Penny Holliday

So good to hear from you! Glad you're on the mend & hopefully you will now have a speedy recovery. I too ordered Kitty Corn & also the very cute large panel Although I have lots of All Hallows Eve from last year you are tempting me to order Pumpkins & Blossoms ~ Halloween is such a favorite time for me, my daughter & five year old grand! Take care!


whoa...that is scary. I just assumed you were busy with all of the responsibilities you are trying to juggle. I hope you are back to normal soon. You must be going crazy not being able to read or sew. :(

both bundles are really lovely. I love the Fig Tree colors especially.

Do you think you will be going to Ireland this year? The stupid delta variant and unvaccinated people are just making things so awful.


Time is the one thing that is so tough to give ourselves. Glad you are on track and hope things will be looking good sooner than later. Great fabrics there. Can't wait to see them sewn up.


Oh boy, I hope you recover quickly. I like the Halloween collections but like you, have no idea what to do with them. There is so much tempting fabric out there!


Life always throws a twist. I've been checking to see if you are back. You are missed and cherished. Love your new fabric choices, hope you don't have to admire from afar for very long. Tell Ozzie to be good to his mama!


I’m so sorry about the rough go you’re having! My 11-yr-old had eye surgery in May, followed by an allergic reaction to one of the post-surgery eye drops. It was terrifying! His surgeon assured us that it seemed much worse that it was, but that didn’t do much to calm me in the moment. Surgery is no joke, and then to add complications on top of it - well, who needs that?! Truly, I’m very sorry your recovery isn’t smooth and easy. I’ll be sending you positive thoughts for healing and recovery.

Judy Dimmick

Great to hear from you and that you are recovering. I always enjoy reading your book reviews. I too will be having cataract eye surgery soon and was wondering which lense you and your doctor chose. Also is the eye medication something generic across the country? Would like to hear from you if possible you'd share. thank you


I am so sorry you have had a bad recovery from your cataract surgery. My mother had trouble too, and almost thought she would go blind. It might have been an infection. This was a while ago, and she is much better now. I hope you too heal completely and that your vision becomes much better.

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