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July 27, 2021



Thanks for the reviews, Nicole. I haven't read any of them. (The TBR list never gets shorter!)


They all sound great! I'm trying to decide which one to read first! Thanks for taking the time to thoughtfully review & rate the books you're reading!

Patricia Ludwiczak

I just love your book reviews! I always appreciate a good recommendation and I will look for these. Thanks!


You always give such great recommendations! Looking forward to listening to them!

Carole Moore

Thanks for the recommendations! I finally got smart and looked for a few of these at the e-library. "People We Meet On Vacation" has a 25 weeks wait! It must be good!
Nothing better than listening to a book while quilting!


Thank you for the recommendations! I am reading Project Hail Mary now and have just bought The Guncle to read next.

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