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July 22, 2021



Your block came out great! It looks a bit tricky, like it could be a challenge to get the points at the outer edge, where the HSTs and flying geese come together, to fit perfectly.

sue s

Pretty red block.
We also skewer everything separately. The meat generally takes longer than say, tomatoes or peppers.


Great block. Glad you were able to get some sewing done. I am really glad your hubby is doing well. Looks like a wonderful time with Eva there. I haven't done kebobs in too long. We'll have to try your method.

Mary Kastner

Looks delicious! Your eyes must be doing just fine. The block looks great!

Robby H.

One item per skewer. I've never understood that "mix them up" approach.

Glad everyone is getting a little better in their own way.

Dianne R

We do the meat separate from the veggies. You'll catch up in no time with your blocks. Glad everyone is on the mend.


What a great idea! I never thought to cook them separate as I like how they look all different. Makes more sense to do it your way! Can't believe how big Eva looks! Glad you got to do a little sewing and you're all healing :)

Kerry L

Glad to hear you and your hubby are on the mend. Clever idea with the kebabs! I’m going to give that a whirl. Always nice to see Eva!


I'd say your vision is back, because that block looks perfect. Good idea to sew when you can and not worry about it. Your family life looks wonderful, that Eva is as cute as a bug!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Has your vision cleared up?


I can't believe how much Eva looks like her mum! She is so adorable.

I make mine the same way as you. I don't like raw meat sitting next to veggies that I'm gonna eat. ;p

I do not reuse the plate the raw meat skewers sat on either. I use a clean plate.

Have a lovely weekend! So glad to see you and your hubby are doing better.


Echoing what everyone's great your vision is improved enough to make a pretty perfect looking block! Those hangers are adorable! And, Eva is growing up so fast! She looks very happy to be in the kitchen with you two! Congrats on your husband's doing so well! Have a good weekend!


We cut big chunks of veggies and smaller chunks of meat-- or our favorite is seafood-- shrimp or fish cooks much faster. It's all about size when determining how fast something will cook. I love a colorful skewer! Glad you are starting to turn the corner. It's a bit scary to worry about your vision. Lots of love. xoxo

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