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July 09, 2021



Oh, I like the lacy lattice block! I have Deb Tucker's Split Rects ruler that makes those units a snap. Your colorway looks nice and spicy.

Debbie R.

That is a really nice block! Hope your vision settles soon into something you can get used to.


Those orange themed blocks are really lovely! I'm not sure I've ever seen a half-square rectangle block, but your's looks very accurate. I'm hearing from recent cataract surgery patients that it takes a little while for your 'new' eyesight to come into focus. I have a feeling that having patience with the recovery time is universal. Have a good weekend!

Dona Zarosinski

I see what you did there with the directional diamond fabric…all going the same way…wow…nicely done!! Give Kate a hug for me when you see her next.

Stephani in N. TX

I think I recall grousing about having to wait for prescription glasses after my 2nd cataract surgery. But, probably better to wait for complete healing before getting new glasses. I had been wearing trifocals and went down to bifocals, my glaucoma was gone as pressures were normal in my eyes (returned about 10 years later). I no longer use glasses to read on my computer. Ups and downs for results, but all better. One or two of my friends got to lose their glasses altogether. Love that you can still make blocks while you heal. Nancy Mahoney uses a lot of those half-rectangles in blocks. Glad to know there is a ruler for that.

Mary Kastner

Very nice block. Glad your surgery went well. Stay cool if that is even possible! Have a nice weekend.


Barbara Groeschell

I don’t wear glasses at all. Can thread a needle, read etc. I do have some trouble driving at night because of halos around lights. Give yourself some time to heal and adjust and I hope you are as happy as I am.

Kathleen Beyer

Love these blocks!!! After my surgery my vision improved every week. I still wear a 1.5 of cheaters and that is okay with me. It is amazing that I can see the second last line on the eye chart now!!!

Robby H.

My parents both had substantial vision changes. You also may find it takes a little time to settle down in a specific quality of sight. Most folks I know just bought some cheap readers until they got everything settled in. Hope the end results is what you wanted.

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