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July 05, 2021


Carol in Texas

Hope your second surgery goes very smoothly.! Our eyes are so important to our lives.


Love the flying geese across the quilt. It is looking good. Glad you had some time to sew. You got this on the second eye surgery. Hope all goes well. It will be good to get this behind you.

Mary Kastner

Best Wishes on your second surgery! I am glad you will be finished soon. Take care of yourself.


The quilt looks great & I really like your color choices! I'll be thinking the good thoughts for your eye surgery tomorrow!


What gets into you?? It's called creativity. Also, it makes things more interesting. Good luck tomorrow and in your recovery. ;p

Robby H.

May you soon be humming "I can see clearly now.." I can remember when cataract surgery was a huge deal (I mean, it still is, but we've come a long way).


Take care!


Wishing you much success tomorrow a s a speedy recovery! 💕


Great quilt, love seeing all the different blocks.


For Serendipity, I made a substitution in the top row (I used Mosaic from 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks) because the original block for that row wasn’t working for me. I started cutting for the 5th row, and it seems too "chunky" for me somehow. I’m not sure I’m going to stick with it. What did you use for that 5th row?

I hope your surgery went well and the healing goes well too!

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