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July 01, 2021



You have loads going on. I’ll cross my fingers it all goes well for you and your family, and I’ll just be glad when you do post :)


Beautiful quilt! You should be proud of yourself for persevering!! Don't worry about posting a lot - you have a lot on your plate so just make sure you take care of the caregiver! Very important! Hope you have a restful holiday ❤️

Pam D

You are carrying quite a load, Nichole. Just hope you can squeeze in a bit of stitching time if that relaxes you. Even just dreaming about the possibilities for future stitching might be a release. Blogging should NOT be on your priority list. This season shall pass...


Glad to hear from you. That quilt is beautiful. You have a lot on your plate and loved ones are the priority. Take care of them and yourself. We'll be here as things ease up, which I hope they will for you. Big hugs.


I agree with the commenters above. Family & taking care of yourself are the priority right now. Your readers will be right here cheering for you while you're spending your energy on those things. The quilt turned out really nicely & is certainly a proud accomplishment, especially considering all of the other things on your plate right now! Congrats on a great finish! ❤️

Beth F

That quilt is beautiful! I hope your surgeries were a success, I had the same feeling after mine, I thought it would be a miracle and it was less so. Although over time I have appreciated being able to see better I still need glasses and now bifocals. I don't know how you accomplish all your sewing with everything else you have to do. I am very impressed with your sewing and caring for everyone around you. Have a Happy 4th!

Stephani in N. TX

Great quilt Nicole. How you keep up is amazing. But, some times when I have been busiest, I've gotten more quilting done as well. Have a great 4th, hope all your charges enjoy the weekend with you.

Kerry L.

Lovely quilt! I don’t know how you do it all Nicole! Don’t worry about entertaining us with your posting. Hope you find some quiet time for yourself!
Sending good wishes your way…..


The quilt is absolutely lovely. Be gentle with your self. Stress is awful but unavoidable at times. Do everything you can to make your life easier.

We like podcasts. Some are like mini books. ;p

Robby H.

You do these samplers to beautifully! I'm too impatient for a sampler project.

Hope surgeries and all else go well. We'll just be waiting for you when you can pop in and let us know how you are.


I do like the setting that you used for these blocks. I have only made one sampler quilt, ever, and I think that the setting of the blocks can really make it special.
Take time for yourself and enjoy the time with your family.

Debbie R.

Your quilt top is beautiful! And quite an accomplishment, considering all that is going on in your life right now. I'm sure that sewing is self-care time for you, so do it when you can. Glad you have some quality audio-book time on your way to and from your father's. Take care. Treasure time with your family. All the best!


Just catching up after a hectic work week and then off on a little vacation. I echo all the comments from the nice cyber-friends and fellow blog-readers above. Take good care of yourself and your family first! We will be cheering you on from the sidelines as someone said above. You do more in a month than I do in a year, so kudos to you!! And good for Ahren that he keeps you in gift certificates so that you can purchase all your favorite tools that help along the way. :)

Susan Salo

Do what you have to do and enjoy quilting when you can. We'll be here. followed Kimberly as she made the quilt but did not do it myself. Some of her tips are good.


Love how your finished top turned out!

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