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July 20, 2021



Thanks for the reviews!


Great job on the reviews! Happy you're feeling well enough to share your thoughts on these books! Have a good week!


What a diverse list of 5-star books! With your recommendations, I have learned to immediately grab my phone and open the Goodreads app, then add the new titles to my "want to read" shelf. At that point, I can order them from the library. I've gotten very accustomed to audio books and like to use Overdrive. Thanks for the great recommendations!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Project Hail Mary is the best book I've read all year. The Hour of the Witch comes in a close second for me. I'm going to check out your other books.

Anita Monery

Thank you for the book recommendations. I’m always on the lookout for a good book. I hope that your healing quickly from your recent surgery.


thank you, thank you. I've trying to read more and good reviews are helping. I loved Daisy Jones and read it from your previous reviews.

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