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July 26, 2021



Eva is, indeed, a lovely young lady, and you are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of her young life. I’m so glad your father is faring well, and I’m wondering how you are feeling. How are your eyes?

sue s

Happy Birthday to Eva!! I enjoy your blogs with her. We are not allowed to see our young grandsons and only just started talking with our son again after two years. Some day we will connect with them again, so in the meantime I enjoy others' time with their grandkids!


Happy Birthday to Eva. I remember when she came along. Boy 10 years fly by. So glad to hear about your dad. He is so lucky to have you kids helping him. I am with him 100% on the dessert!

Debbie R.

Your red blocks look great, especially the small ones. They are cute!
A very happy birthday to Eva!

Lisa D.

I love your red blocks! And happy 10th birthday to the wonderful Miss Eva. It does fly by, doesn't it? It's so great that you are close by and can make a lot of memories with her.


How can Eva already be 10?? I've been reading your blog for that long! That's wonderful news about you & your sisters putting some weight on your dad! I say, life is too short not to eat dessert! I especially like the bottom block. It has a fun plaid look with the print you used.

Mary Kastner

Happy Birthday to Eva! I am happy to hear your Dad is doing OK. You are so blessed to have him around. Sounds like things are moving right along. That is always good news. Have a great week!


Happy Birthday Eva. Just don't let her grow up too fast. She is beautiful and your relationship is special. Oh how I wish my grands lived closer.


Happy birthday Eva! It is great that you have such a close relationship with her and get to see her so often.


I'm so glad your dad is doing well. Yes, Drumsticks are yummy. ;p

Eva is so lovely...she looks just like her mum. Have fun celebrating her bday!


Happy Birthday to Eva! Wow double digits! Did she get a special birthday quilt? I remember when she was just a bump :) I can't believe that's how long I've been following your blog! So glad to hear your dad is gaining weight too...oh and cute blocks :)

Jennifer in Indy

Wishing your granddaughter the happiest of birthdays- double digits already!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sorry I missed Eva's birthday. I can't believe she's already 10. I too remember when she was born. Oh, and I share something with her: I too was born "sunny side up." I remember Mama telling how she was so wracked with pain that she threw a bottle of ether (old days) at a nurse.

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