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August 16, 2021


Kerry L

You are too hard on yourself Nicole! You are organizing which is better than me at the moment! Will always stick with you! Have a good week!


I've always been a fan of that sunflower runner! 🌻 Easing back into a school routine sounds like a good idea & making pom-pom creatures would be a fun activity! I feel your pain not being able to breathe easily. Our air quality continues to be in the 'Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups' range with smoke from Western states completely blocking the mountains from view.


That sunflower table runner has always been a favorite.
I've thought about buying cones of thread, but not sure how that works. I would need a special holder of some kind, right? Which color have you chosen as being good for everything? I see they are on sale, so I'm tempted to buy. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Mary Kastner

Those cones are worth it IMHO. I bought a beige type color and I use it a lot. KIds back in school. I am fretting about my little one. She is too young to get the vaccine. Hot here and now smokey as well. Have a good day! I am mailing a quilt I finished yesterday to my 2nd granddaughter who started college this week. I am so ready for normal but not yet!


1) happy birthday to your husband!

2) pom pom pigs is a delightful way to spend some time. don't worry about the lack of academics. Eva's mental health is worth more than anything in the world. so many kids are struggling. it breaks my heart to think about it. Eva is one of the lucky ones so just enjoy your time together.

3) I hate the heat. The fires break my heart, too. So much devastation and danger.

stay safe and eat salads! hugs to you.

Dianne King

Under lockdown in Australia now, and fortunately I bought a little Janome sewing machine just before the lockdown started. Unfortunately, the fabric shops are closed! I'm still working on the Grandmother's Flower Garden by hand and making good progress, but have plans for a couple of new table runners on the new machine when I get fabric. Can't wait to see what designs you end up making.


Gosh that sounds miserably hot. Hopefully the nights are a bit cooler to make is easier to sleep.

Linda Corwin

I love the table runner! Is it an old pattern or something you just threw together!❤️🥰


I love those big cones of Aurifil! I also try to mark the date. Is Eva going to in-school school? Around here it started as normal, but a lot are starting to make the kids, and everyone, wear masks. I hate the thought, but whatever it takes to get us out of it!

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