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August 19, 2021



Ranger cookies! My mom often made them.


Eva's pom-pom pig is adorable! Hurray for buffalo plaid progress! I've never heard of Ranger Cookies, but Cowboy Cookies are probably similar. I make molasses cookies a/k/a gingersnaps quite often. They're always a hit at quilt retreat.

Mary Kastner

That table toppers so dang cute. You are so busy. Enjoy the day and be safe!


molasses cookies are my favorite! I make them a lot in the winter. I love the smell of them baking.

that little pig is cute. it would make a fun gift for her to give to friends. just a thought.

yay! sewing!

Barbara Forde

Have to side with Eva….never liked peanut butter cookies….and don’t think I ever made them for my kids! Love oatmeal raisin cookies and oatmeal shortbread!

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