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August 06, 2021



I'm glad you posted this recipe. I have tried a few of her recipes, and we really like them as well.

At our house, it's a year-round thing of trying to eat lighter and healthier. Sometimes we win; sometimes we lose. It's a never-ending thing!


Thanks for the recipe tip as I love those things at PF Chang's so I'll have to give it a try. We have corgis and I follow a bunch of corgis on Instagram, so I "know" Butters and Cartman.


If you love Damn Delicious try her Chicken in Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce. It’s so good, my husband’s favorite and he asks me to make it frequently. Thanks for the heads up on Instagram. I’ll follow her there too. Btw I have a Corgi so I think it’s kismet.


Our absolute favorite summer meal is a chicken caprese sandwich. We get the short Italian rolls from the supermarket, use a little mayo (or a lot in my husband's case!) and layer them with thinly sliced chicken, either rotisserie or grilled, slices of Jersey tomatoes and strips of basil from the garden, roasted peppers if we have them and fresh ground salt and pepper. It's summer on a roll!


Those dishes sound good. I'm planning to take a look at her blog this morning! We had cold broccoli salad last night. It's our summer go-to for dinner during the hot months.

T Holzer

Damn Delicious is one of my go to sites for great recipes!

Robby H.

Nigella Lawson has a similar recipe with slightly different flavors that we enjoy. Thai Crumbled Beef (although we've made it with both ground turkey and crumbled tofu). We definitely eat lighter in the summer. It's not unusual for me to grill chicken in the morning while it's still cool on that side of the house and then we have it in a salad or pasta salad later in the day.

Leota Krantz

Many thanks. Downloaded her website. Yeah. Really need more fresh low calorie recipes for me and hubby.

Sandra Clarke

Thanks for inspiring me in quilt making & yummy recipes! I will try this!!

Kerry L

Love Damn Delicious! So glad you featured her! Like you we are roasting with no rain! I think I am done with summer for this year.

Jennifer in Indy

That looks like a great dinner! We were just saying last night that we are looking forward to cooler weather to have soups, chili and baked potatoes for dinner!

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