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August 31, 2021



Nichole, Thanks for sharing Jennifer's wonderful web site. Your arrangement, especially set on your runner is lovely!


Really enjoy the video and Jennifer is your centerpiece and now will have to go off to Hobby Lobby to see if I can find that your table runner and perfect for fall! Thanks for sharing


Your new centerpiece's softer Fall colors look nice on the bright runner. Our mountains are once again obscured by smoke from Western fires. We're thinking of those folks along with the hurricane victims in Louisiana & Mississippi. 😢

Mary Kastner

I really think your runner makes everything else on top shine. Great centerpiece Nicole. Take care and stay safe.


Kathi Kittle

Your centerpiece and runner look beautiful! Thanks for the link to Jennifer's YouTube page. I had never heard if it before. Thanks for all your thoughtful blogs. It must take a lot of time, and it is very much appreciated!


I know. It is just heartbreaking and scary at the same time. :(

That centerpiece really is lovely. I love the soft colors. Definitely my personal taste.

Stay safe and pray.


Looks great! I think Michael's is cheaper than Hobby Lobby anyways :)


That does look really pretty. I too like the muted color scheme.

Leota Krantz

Nicole, I love what you did here. Super cute.

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