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August 10, 2021


Carole Moore

Your blocks are gorgeous and I love the pop of color! Thanks to you I have Susan Ache's book on my Christmas wish list.
Whatever happened to school between September and June?

Debbie R.

Your blocks look great, and the addition of those pops of colour is terrific. You've definitely made me want the sampler book!
School already. Gosh. Good luck as the school year kicks off. That time with Eva is really a blessing. And you will find time to sew, even if it's not quite as much as you'd like.


I love your blocks Nicole, that's going to be a beautiful finish. That line of fabric is one of my favorites. I've pieced all my blocks, now to decide on the perfect placement, which I already know will drive me crazy. I've made a few extra to make it more "fun". lol

The recipe sounds perfect for summer, I use lettuce leaves instead of bread a lot.

Are schools not opening up where you live? How long will this home schooling continue? Such a sad situation for everyone.

sue s

I think your final layout will look impressive with the colors you are using!
The state of Michigan at one point passed a law that school couldn't start until after Labor Day. This was primarily for the tourism industry. They allowed exceptions and pretty soon most districts were exempted- I think the law is no longer enforced.

Dona Zarosinski

I LOVE orange and the bit of color is a wonderful spark!


The addition of the orange and yellow is really adds visual interest. Definitely keep that in the mix.

August? 4 months until December?! Gosh, this has been a rough year. Home schooling again? Wow. I guess nothing is going to be normal for a very long time. I'm glad you are all safe.

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