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August 04, 2021


Debbie R.

Well your blocks look great! Sorry to hear about your health concerns. And the heat sounds awful. I know I can't sew when it's too hot -- no A/C in my sewing room. Take care of yourself and just enjoy slow days listening to audiobooks. Nothing wrong with that!


The lighter blue block is really cute! I think you should use more of those fabrics, too! I'm sorry to hear that your eye is slow in healing. That would be frustrating. The miserable hot temperatures, along with smoke, seem to be plaguing a lot of the country this summer. Audio books are good smart idea to pass the time without getting overheated.


I am doing this version too. I am all done with blocks and awaiting instructions. Most of the fabric I had in my stay. Weather has gone crazy here in Australia wettest winter in 30 years, local flooding, wild storms. Good for sewing although work gets in the way

Mary Kastner

Just take care of yourself. I find that life is a bit overwhelming right now. I am doing a lot of handwork. It is calming and relaxing for me. My therapy I guess. Whatever works! Mary

Lisa D.

I'm sorry you haven't been well and that it's too hot to sew. But your sampler blocks are stunning! I can't wait to see them laid out all together. You'll have another winning quilt. Take good care of yourself in the mean time.


This is going to be so pretty. I think a quilt made entirely from the color way of the top blocks would be stunning.


oh, damn. I'm sorry to hear you are not 100%. you're having horrible heat while we are having lovely weather. it has been in the mid 70s every day. 30 yrs ago this was the normal weather pattern for us. not anymore. enjoy your books!

Ellen in Oregon

Hope your health issues resolve soon. At least you have a plan b with all your books. I tried to work on a quilt yesterday, but I ended up with sweat blinding me when I tried to iron. Last year I was told I had cateracts & am dreading surgery. I've had dozens of surgeries, but always said a needle in the eye was the one surgery I would be too scared to have done. Now that it is affecting my sewing/driving I will have to resign myself to getting the surgeries done. I appreciate that you shared your experience.As with most things in life, surgery seldom has perfect results or goes like you expected it to. Your blocks look great and I love the maple leaf colors. For years I have regreted not buying Persimmon when it came out years ago. I do have a LC of Cider that I am itching to use. It looks great in the Lella Botique design you picked. I do like how clearly her patterns are written. I guess we will have to wait for cooler temps. to go back to quilting.


I love the Cider fabrics, especially the shades of blue!

Kerry L

How clever of you to “read” the audio books!
Love your blocks and fabric choice. Take care of yourself m’dear!


So in love with your blocks and your quilt layout plan! Can't wait to see more progress! Get better, and enjoy listening to your audibles.

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