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September 07, 2021



Love the acorns-- not sure how you accomplished ANYTHING let alone all those blocks! Fatquartershop has a "jolly bar" of Cozy up with a free acorn pattern that is also really cute-- I think I am just going to have to go and buy it now-- heehee. Happy Fall!


If that's 'running out of steam' I'm in big trouble! You had a challenging few days so it's especially impressive to see your runner so far along! Just getting settled in the venue for the wedding must have been exhausting! Have a good rest-of-the-week!

Stephani in N. TX

Colorful runner, like it a lot. So good you were able to get your Dad to the wedding, but sorry it was difficult. Weddings are such a positive time for families to connect through the generations and it's important in the scheme of things. Used to be weddings, baptisms and funerals, but some of these occasions don't hold together anymore. My kids were amazed at my big Greek family that they didn't meet until college because we lived far away on the west coast. It's grounding to know the family you come from. Keep cool, nights are already cooling off in TX, thank goodness.


Love the acorns. Your work is always wonderful. I am sorry the wedding was so tough but glad your dad got to be there. You are a trooper and great daughter.


Love this runner!! I’m waiting for yardage of cozy up for acorn tops.


OMG! thank goodness there were men to help with the stairs. I hope you did get to enjoy the wedding even if through exhausted eyes.

your acorns are adorable! I love Cory Yoeder's fabric lines. I've made 2 quilts with her lines.

our weather went from fab to hot again. I didn't sleep at all last night. too warm. stay cool and get some rest(when not schooling Eva).


Those acorns are cute and are great for a fall themed table runner. I find that Cory Yoder always designs nice fabric lines.
I can't imagine the frustration and exhaustion of having to move your dad around in a venue that is not equipped for handicapped people. We take so much for granted and don't always notice that places are ill equipped for the handicapped. Thank goodness you have some strong grandsons.

Ellen in Oregon

I just finished making 2 acorn Love runners & I used Cozy UP too! Great minds think alike. The 2nd runner I enlarged to use as a bed runner and I used Adel in Autumn and it is beautiful. I get how frustrating it must have been for you and your Dad to need a team of mountain goats to get around the wedding venuse. I have used a power wheelchair for 25 years and when I want to go to a new place I always call ahead to ask if the place is wheelchair accessible. Most of the time the response goes like this "Yes, weare fully accessible there are just 2 steps to get to the front door". People just don't use their brain sometimes.Life is difficult enough with surprises like you got.

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