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September 20, 2021



For machine binding, I use the technique called Susie's Magic Binding that I first read about on Aunt Marti's 52 Quilts blog. She also has a video now. This is the kind that is a 2-color binding due to an extra flange. I love the additional flair of color, which almost looks like an extra (tiny) border on the quilt! It also means the machine stitching for the binding is hidden on the front of the quilt! This is because it involves stitching in the ditch between the flange and the main binding strip. Just sending along the idea in case you’re looking for another machine binding method. Some people use glue with it, and others don’t :)

Vicky H

I use Stitch Witchery (the very narrow size) to hold my binding in place before stitching it down. I do miss places also. It's a learning process just like anything else. Keep trying until you find something that works for you.

Sandy Evenson-Hagen

I’m glad this worked out and thanks for sharing your process. I’ve tried machine binding once but not the glue method. Fiddling with binding clips was a challenge. I enjoy the hand stitching process but it is always good to try a new technique.

Becky Turner

I like to use the school glue sticks instead of the liquid glue. Just a dab will do you!
Come on....I cant be the only one who remembers that old jingle!


Of course! Becky's jingle is Brylcreem for mens' hair! Trying the glue method on a small piece was a smart idea! Thanks for sharing your results.

Deb E

I've used the glue method to baste before & wasn't all that enthused with it. It's easier for me to pin baste. But I hadn't thought to try it on the binding and that probably would work out quite well. Thanks for showing your process! It worked well on your quilt...I'll try it on the next quilt I bind as arthritis makes it hard for me to do much hand quilting or sewing anymore.


That looks really good. Now 432 more quilts to bind there? You got this. Keep plugging away when time allows.


I know if I just kept practicing I would get better at machine binding. I am not against the idea of it, but the ocd in me can't stand the look of not catching the binding on the back. I always told my kids that mom's have eyes on the back of their heads, I wish I could see the back of the binding while sewing it on. Yours looks great!

Sandra Solberg

I have used this method on large quilts, finishing them with a blanket stitch. I will hand stitch if it is a special quilt or if I want a project to stitch when we are traveling by car. I like the end results equally well.

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