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September 14, 2021


Carole Moore

I am having a great time making mug rugs. I really like that pattern. I have been doing appliqued ones from Etsy. Way more fun then machine quilting the 3 quilt tops hanging in my sewing room!


I’ll take the mug rug Eva passed on… it’s darling! There’s a charm pack of Four Seasons on Etsy that is seriously tempting me… it’s a gorgeous collection, Such a busy time of year for all of us, but always enjoy your posts. Xox


So happy your Dad is eating! And what wonderful news about your husband YAY!! Don't worry about posting, life happens 🙂 take care of you and your followers will always be here

sue s

Glad for all your good news! The Halloween mugs are really cute. I remember the first table runner I made in this style was wonky- it does take some practice.

T Holzer

Great news, Nicole!


Excellent news for your husband, indeed! If your dad wants fish every night you're cooking, so be it as long as he's eating! Your Halloween & Fall mug rugs are really cute! Put the blog on the back burner this week & we'll be right here when you get everything else accomplished!

Arrowhead Gramma

Nicole, So very happy to hear the wonderful news your husband received and that your Dad seems to be doing better. Prayers were heard and answered. Take care.


It's about time someone got happy news. 2021 has been rough!

My fave is the 2nd one...I love the costumed kids at the door.

Stay safe and cool and quit that job. You do not have time to work...too much work awaits you at home. ;p


Goodness, I am so glad to hear about your husband and dad. Woohoo! Don't forget to take care of yourself in all the care giving. Oh, love the mug rugs. Hugs to you.


Such good news to hear the update on your husband! And that your dad is eating also!

Love the mug rugs! I always have great aspirations for Christmas gifts and rarely get them all done..... :)

Debbie R.

So glad to hear your good news. Glad that your dad is doing well. And great to hear your husband's good news. Do what you can on your to do list, and enjoy all the positives.


Nicole, so happy to hear your wonderful news. I am glad your husband is beating it!!! I know attitude plays a part and your family always seems upbeat. Wishing you all long, happy lives. I think mug rug #1 is my fave, but all are so cute and great fall vibe.

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