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October 13, 2021



Deb Tucker rulers are brilliant. This is how I make my economy blocks (squareinsquare).There is a ruler for larger squares too, up to 12".


I am grateful to all the genius women like Deb Tucker who come up with these rulers to make quilting easier and more accurate!

T Holzer

After reading this post, I googled square in a square quilt images and your Smore's quilt came up as well as your Penny Pincher quilt. Did you finish your Smore's quilt because it was sure beautiful! Have a great day, Nicole!


Thanks for the tip! I'm all about rulers that make blocks more accurate! I'll definitely look for that one! I'm thinking of you & your family at this sad time. It's so hard to lose a pet.

Michele Klein

Deb Tucker rulers are a staple in my sewing room. You get multiple sizes with each ruler so you don't have additional purchases for changing sizes. Highly recommend all her rulers.

Mary Kastner

Well you learn something new every day right? I am behind times obviously and appreciate your detailed preview of a ruler I definitely need to purchase. This looks like a great ruler. Thanks for the demonstration! Have a great day Nicole.



um, I think I have that ruler....


Her rulers are fantastic! Blocks are always perfect, and make quilting much more fun.

Ramona M Chester

I love this block but mine have turned out wonky over the years. I bought some FQS foundation paper but it limits you to one size, so I will be on the hunt for this tool! Thank you for sharing!


You are always so generous with quilting info to help the rest of us. Your blog is probably my favorite. So sorry you had a rough day.


Oh dear. I didn't realize I was behind in my blog reading. Now I know yesterday was rough because you lost your little dog, and I am doubly sorry!


We are on holiday at the beach so I missed some blogs. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved dog.

I have quite a lot of Deb Tucker's rulers and have realised that some of them can be used to trim a few blocks even though she has a ruler for each of the blocks. I think half rectangles and v block could be done with just one ruler if you know how to use them.

I bought the larger version of the square in square block. I haven't used it to make the larger blocks yet, but I think it will be fun to make a bigger block set on point.

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