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October 01, 2021



Very cute block and love that pretty in a star setting! I have to say those rulers are great also....Lori really has some notions and think I could open a "Lori Holt Shop" with all the things I now have...

Ozzie is looking great and glad he can get out and enjoy the squirrel watching....have a nice weekend with your dad


Thanks for the Ozzie photo & update! He's still looking sharp & as much a scamp as he's always been! Hurray! You were able to get some sewing time in yesterday! That hourglass trim ruler looks very handy! Enjoy the time with your dad!

Mary Kastner

Ozzie looks good! Enjoy every moment with your Dad. Have a good weekend.

Linda Hancock

Oh my! Ozzie is fifteen? I remember him as just a pup (chewing on everything.) Thank you for all those years of posts. I have enjoyed/am enjoying keeping up with your adventures. Isn't it a relief that the weather has cooled a bit and the smoke has abated as the fires die down! Have a good weekend.


Ozzie's ears are adorable! the way the bend melts my heart.

uh, oh. looks like I should buy that ruler...enjoy your time with your dad.


So glad to see Ozzie! Your block looks terrific and so does that latest mug rug. Have a great time with your dad this weekend.

Dianne R

Ozzie looks content. I really like your Christmas block. I need to make a quilt with star blocks. Enjoy your weekend with your Dad.

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