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October 07, 2021



Have you read "The Last Garden in England?" It is the story of five women set over three different timelines, all connected by an English manor garden.

It's very Kate Morton-esque. The audio version is pretty good except for the narrator that does the garden designer's part. Her voice was a bit grating. But it was a good listen and I think you would like it.

Carol in Texas

I look forward to your book lists and I share them with several friends who are not quilters. You must read at a very fast pace, and you seem unbothered by unpleasant subject matter. I fear I am often shy about reading things that I find disturbing.! I am curious, do you purchase your books or do you use your library or perhaps Overdirive ? I know you listen to some, an avenue I am not good at taking…..I seem to lose interest part way through the book.

Becky Turner

I now have 3 books ( and authors) to see If I can find them at my library!!

Thank you for the book post ....and your daily blog.


What a great roundup! I'll need to check them out. Meanwhile: my current must-read recommendation is The Reading List by Sarah Nisha Adams. (I reviewed it in my Monday blog post.)

Mary Kastner

Thanks Nicole. Great post and several new books on my list.


sharon tucker

Nicole, Thanks for these wonderful reviews, every time I've read a book from your list, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. And now I have a few more to add to my list. Yes, I've read back from todays post to this one. I've slacked on reading blogs lately but I do enjoy getting caught up with a few of my favorite bloggers. Your fall colors are lovely, we just drove across to British Columbia this morning (dentist appt) and the colors along the way are spectacular. I think with week of rain will certainly change the scenery. OK, I must get back to the longarm, as I've just gotten home. take care and thanks for the reviews.

Jennifer in Indy

Thanks as always for your recommendations - I have enjoyed many of the books you have recommended in the last few years! Just finished Oona Out of Order - such an intriguing concept.

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