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October 28, 2021


Nancy Watkins

I just might have to buy some donut pans and try this. The recipe certainly looks easy enough. Looks delicious!


Baked donuts! Who knew? 🍩🍩 They look delicious & Eva's face shows it! That's good news about the rain, except for the downed branches & debris.

T Holzer

Those look fantastic!

Mary Kastner

I have never even thought about baking donuts! They look delicious!


my husband had to use a sump pump to pump out all the water under our house. ;p

those donuts look wonderful! have a safe Halloween with your dad! hope his house gets lots of trick-or-treaters!

Robby H.

The look on Eva's face says everything I need to know about those donuts. Yum!


Eva is beautiful. We had a half inch of rain the other day. A lot for the high desert but wow you guys really got a lot. I hope we didn't get the whole season at once! Happy Halloween to you and yours.


Guess we are the recipients of your bombogenesis on the East Coast! Third night for us with no power. :-( Can’t believe all the damage— an awning flew off Panera and is right in the middle of the road— tons of trees snapped like toothpicks. The first thing I’m gonna do when power returns is…


Dianne R

I need to try your donut recipe as I do have some mini donut pans. We received 2 1/2 inches of rain Monday here and its been raining on and on all day here in Northern Illinois. We needed the rain too. It has been a very dry year for us.

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