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October 14, 2021



Your quilt blocks look like perfection - all beautifully trimmed and pressed. I’m excited to see the finish!

Lisa D.

All of our neighborhood trees lost their leaves early due to drought conditions. At least all the raking ended early too! Eva is darling. What a great costume idea!


Ha ha! Well, however long it took, Eva is rocking the look. One of my favorite movies and books when I was a girl and I see there is a new movie out. Great choice! xoxo


Strange things are happening with the leaves in our neck of the woods, too. Drought has been mentioned as the potential cause. We could use rain or snow to break it, that's for sure! Your blocks are going to be great in their row! Eva is rocking that fun Cruella DeVille look!

Dona Zarosinski

Miss Eva looks adorable. Kudos to her dad for allowing that fun hair!


my porch! my porch! the only thing I desire is a covered porch! ;p

2 hrs? her hair looks adorable but 2 hrs? Eva is so beautiful...she looks so much like Sara.

Have a lovely weekend with your dad. Make sure and eat all the leftovers so your sisters will feel appreciated.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Cruella DeVille???

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