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October 11, 2021



wut? if there is leftover food in his fridge then just warm it up! leftovers are awesome. nothing goes to waste in our house. ;p

it will also make your sisters happy that your dad liked the food so much that he ate the leftovers.

you can just bring fresh fruit and cheese and crackers for a light lunch/snack.

that row by row is just lovely. so are the acorns. I hope you get to sew this week.

maybe it's time to add home economics to Eva's schedule and the two of you can do a little sewing. you need a little Singer Featherweight for Eva to use.

remember Home Economics in high school?

Robby H.

I'll just say that if your dad is happy with what you bring him I wouldn't worry. As my dad gets older, he seems to be happier with simpler foods and I figure he's still got good judgement so he should eat as he pleases.

Jocelyn Thurston

What pretty blocks and those fabrics are so nice and fallish. You are doing a great job with them and also with helping with the care of your Dad.I hope you are having a good week!

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