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October 21, 2021



Enjoy!! One of life's simple pleasures!

T Holzer

Oh what a beautiful photo of you and your books, Nicole! I have the Lincoln Highway on my wishlist now as well as his others! I'm finding that excellent books seem hard to come by these days???

Paula Laramie

That’s the perfect reading nook! I am also reading The Lincoln Highway. I just started it yesterday but already I’m into it. You taste and mine in books have been spot on. I just finished Nomadland. I’m going to watch the movie today. It’s both eye opening and interesting to know about how others in our country are dealing with non traditional living. Thank you for your book recommendations.


Looks like a wonderful spot to relax and read. I have put your suggestion on my e-book hold at my library. Will look forward to it. I enjoy many of
your reading suggestions.


Love your book nook! I've been an avid reader since I was a child and there is nothing more pleasurable than a good book! Enjoy 🙂


I'm glad you have had an opportunity to enjoy reading in Ozzie's napping room! We have my grandmother's table that is that same style--made in Michigan in the early to mid-1900's. It's a treasure!

Mary Kastner

Enjoy your reading time!

Julie Waldman

I’m about 100 pages in — it’s my book group book for November. All you need in your nook is a cat (or 3) to sit in your lap while you read!


in our home, we have matching chairs where we sit and read. ;o also, you need to have a book sale! ;p

enjoy your time've more than earned it.


Love your spot. It's really nice to have a place to read. My collection of books has grown so much. But I am starting to pass books along.


What a lovely spot to relax with a good book.


Well, if it's going to keep me out of my sewing room-- I'm not sure I should buy it! LOL

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