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October 19, 2021



I understand you wanting to read, read read your book! After many interruptions, I finally finished one that I started on the plane last week. All I wanted to do was get back to reading, but life kept popping up around me. Your tree's leaves were beautiful while they lasted.

Kerry L.

Love Mr. Towles!!! Completely understand your obsession!!! I can hardly wait to get it.

Mary Kastner

Thank you for the book recommendation. Our seasons are definitely changing. Not my favorite. I detest being cold! Have a good day!

Becky Turner

Such a neat freaming of the tree pictures... I bet you could do a great year round of pictures of that tree.
REally enjoy the way people are sharing what they are reading now on the quilt blogs...
Its added several authors to those I read or listen to as I work or drive


Thank you for the book recommendation. I enjoyed "This Tender Land" and I had been contemplating this book!


I just finished a very good book, Attachments, by Jeff Arch. It is his first novel but he wrote the screenplay for "Sleepless in Seattle" and can sure tell a good story.

Ramona Chester

Thanks for the recommendation. I almost picked it up yesterday, so perhaps I will run back and buy this one and look for some of his other books.


I'm almost finished with Homegoing. What a beautiful book. Heartbreaking but worth it. I want to read A Gentleman in Moscow. I've got a stack of books right now.

Diane Muldoon

Ok...convinced as Gentleman in Moscow was so wonderful. I am number 146 at our local library!!!


Wow that is a quick change on the tree. I am glad you were able to enjoy it while it lasted. I will have to look for that book.

Anita Martin

I am currently listening to The Lincoln Highway and share your enthusiasm for the book. I HIGHLY recommend listening to this book. I even spent one of my very precious Audible credits on it. Since you are enjoying reading the book, imagine hearing each of those chapters in the very authentic voice of each character. It is one of the best Audible books I have listened to.

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