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November 22, 2021



I made the same mistake once! Now I always buy yams. I just boil them like potatoes then add all the other ingredients. So yummy.

Bev Hoek

Yes, go back for the garnets!


IIRC, most "yams" sold in US groceries are really sweet potatoes. And sweet potatoes come in a range of color, but the orange ones are what most people think of as sweet potato. Yeah, for Thanksgiving, I'd go back and get the orange ones.

Keep the light color ones to make baked sweet potato (cut into slabs, toss with oil, chili powder, bit of salt, bake til done). That's my favorite way to eat sweet potatoes, any more the traditional sweet potato casserole is too sweet for my taste.


Garnet yams for the win. You actually have a different type of yam, but not as sweet. If you need a recipe for the dish you describe, let me know. I have a delicious version made from fresh things and nary a marshmallow in side. Although I tend to eat it for dessert (not that anyone else sees it that way).

Kathe Howe

Yes, definitely go back for the yams. The color is prettier, and I think they have a sweeter taste than the light ones.


Your dad's view of the outdoors is gorgeous! I'm in the yams column if you're taking a vote! It's going to be a busy week but always worth the effort! I'm impressed that you already know what you're wearing...I guess I should give that some thought!


I agree, get the yams. I have always thought that the orange ones were yams and the lighter ones were sweet potatoes, but in some stores they are all labeled as sweet potatoes. Now you have me interested in that recipe. Can you post it?


I make spicy mashed sweet potatoes with the white ones. It is really good but I'm the only one who likes it. ;p

I'm so glad your dad has a lovely view of his backyard. That is so good for him mentally.


Yes go for the garnet yams! And after the holiday when you have time, would you post your recipe please? It sound delicious. Happy Thanksgiving! 🥧🦃🎃🍁🍂

Kerry Lp

Yup the orange are the sweet potatoes! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!


Go for the Garnet yams!

Christine Cole

This recipe sounds like the Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato Casserole. There are a bunch of really good copycat recipes online. It's so good, almost a dessert!


Mom always cooked the garnet yams so I do too. We eat a lot of them. They are really good for you. Honestly, I've never cooked the others so I can't say they won't work.

Patty McDonald

I made the same mistake many years ago. I call them sweet potatoes but they're yams. Purple on the outside and deep orange inside. Go get the yams.

Linda Enneking

I used a recipe the first time I made Sweet Potato Casserole, and it turned out good, but I thought it had too much butter and sugar. The next year I cut back on both of those and it was delicious and healthier. And yes, I used the bright orange yams. I boiled them but roasting sounds like a better idea. I mash them slightly with a wooden spoon, and a beaten egg and some butter or margarine, maybe a little bit of the evaporated milk but usually not. The sugar and butter goes into the topping.


Here in New Zealand, sweet potatoes (or Kumara in the indigenous language) come in all the colours you show in your photo.
Perhaps last time you just used a different variety of sweet potato?

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