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November 17, 2021


sue s

I think this calendar and the mug are so special! When my kids were young I made an all-felt wreath and 25 little felt ornaments to put on it. We used it until they left home and then I put it out fully decorated for many years after that. It's looking pretty worn now.


this year I have Lego calendars for the girls. I work from home and usually take a tea break with the girls when they get off the bus in the afternoon. They love their tea too! Um, maybe there will be a David tea calendar winging its way to us.


The Advent calendar & Eva's mug look like lots of December fun! I've made my cousin's 5 & 9-year old kids Advent calendars from panels I bought at the quilt shop. I send them mini candy canes to put in the pockets each year. At home I have a Lenox Advent calendar with a pretty piece to add each day of December.


OMG that mug is wonderful! lol @ Eva refusing to use it b4 12/1. She has principles. ;p

Nancy L Buennemeyer

Love that your granddaughter is sticking to the calendar! I have a wooden advent calendar that I load with usually Lindt chocolate. I have no one to do this with by my dear husband. I was quite tempted by a 25 days of wine, but like your tea too!! Or maybe some coffee!

Lisa D.

What a fun advent calendar to use with Eva. And I love her new mug! How funny that she is such a stickler for the rules!

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