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November 29, 2021


Nancy L Buennemeyer

Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm glad you had a great chef prepared meal! And so happy your son will be home for Christmas - hopefully!

Congrats on the Rowenta! What a good husband. That model is probably the newer generation to the one I have and it's been a great iron.

Kathy Czuprynski

Tee hee! Love my Ilisos! Even better my one still in the box was pre pandemic priced plus on sale. It’s like the 3 Sunbeam mixers I’ve had from 1977-1995 vrs the 1 Kitchenaide I’ve had since 1995!
Glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving day!

Leota Krantz

Thanks for the iron tip. I too believe in good products. I love reading your blog and knowing your family. Please don’t stop sharing.


So glad to hear your son is going to be home for the holidays. That's exciting. The best iron I ever had was a Rowenta bought at the thrift store. Older unused model and it lasted a long time. I'll look forward to hearing how this one works for you but looks promising. My husband says hobbies cost money and I need to just understand that. He's right.


It is on sale today for $90.73 ! My Mom bought me a Black & Decker in 1978. It stopped working a year ago. I have yet to find an iron compared to that old one that lasted 42 years. I think I am going to have to order this iron and give it a try since the price is right. Perfect timing posting about your new iron. Thank you!

Mary Kastner

Your table looks beautiful and the iron looks like a winner! Have a great day Nicole!


Love all those steam holes! And, the hotter the better, so it sounds like you're back in business with that new iron! I sure hope Ahren does get to come for Christmas! He's not going to believe how grown up Eva has become! Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful!


Uh-oh! That's the one I bought that is now clicking!!! Let me know if yours is the same. Other than that, I love it, and it does remind me to turn it off at night. xoxo


OMG that iron! my iron has just started the 'spitting crap' stage so that means I have turned off the steam function. ugh.

fingers crossed that your son's xmas visit stays on schedule.


What a sweet gesture. The thoughtfulness behind it might make it your all time favorite. I have had my Rowenta for years. I do baby it and don’t leave it on for long periods of time. I don’t use steam either.

Karen Tunnicliffe

I have that exact iron and it’s about 3 years old. I love it! I empty the water out of it when I turn it off each and every time and I’ve never had a spitting or spewing out discolouration spots on anything. Best iron I’ve ever had. Hope you’re going to be as happy with yours.

Janet of MN

You sure have a great husband. Check to see how many watts the iron has - the more watts, the hotter. To keep irons from starting to spit, I only use distilled water. It may not be necessary but I empty it after each use. Good luck.


The Rowentas made in Germany are the ones I swear by. Enjoy!

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