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November 02, 2021



Oh my goodness. That would be quite a shock to come to and you're lying on the floor. Best to get it checked out. Hope the pain doesn't last too long.


Nicole, I am so sorry you fell. I hope the soreness goes away soon. Something similar happened to me four years ago but hasn’t happened again. Unfortunately I was on a bus trip and we had stopped at a mall type setting for lunch. I was walking on a pavement to eat. I was carrying my
Purse and book. I didn’t trip. Next thing I am flat on my face and bleeding
From nose and mouth and tops of my hands. A kind stranger got me to first aid station. My dignity was all that was hurt😂 and was a sad looking mess the rest of the trip. Hope you never have a recurrence!


Hope the aches go away fast. You for sure need to tell your doctor. I hope he feels it was a one time thing and you don't have to out every body part under a microscope.
Your table topper is beautiful. Looks like a Kim Diehl piece - and I am a big fan of everything she does.

Kathi Kittle

I hope you are feeling better today. I had the same thing happen to me when I was about 10. I was choking on a peanut and went into the kitchen to get some water. The next thing I knew I was lying flat on my back. I guess the fall knocked out the peanut. Have never had it happen again. Hopefully, it's a one-time thing for you too!

Nancy Watkins

Oh Nicole, that sounds so scary! Hope your soreness goes away fast and your doctor says you are okay! 🙏🏻


Omg, glad you are in one piece to talk about it. Maybe the force of the fall dislodged the stuck bite. Hope that was a freak thing and over now. I slipped off the front of our carpeted steps and fell maybe 3 steps. Bent my foot just right to break 5 bones. How fast things can change. It's been 7 weeks and I still can't get a shoe on, but at least avoided surgery.
I love your quilting show and tell, you always have awsome quilts/toppers to share.

Dona Zarosinski

Feel better fast! Darn!!

T Holzer

Take care, Nicole and I hope you get some answers from your doc. I think reading and sewing might be your cure!! lol.


I'm so sorry you had a fall yesterday! Eva keeping calm was one less thing for you to worry about as you assessed your situation. It's good that you're seeing your doctor this week. Take care of yourself & try to rest!


Whoa, I hope you are okay. I had something similar happen when I was in the low blood pressure stage of pregnancy. I was standing in church then suddenly I was lying down in the pew. As I started to go down, my mom (next to me) and the couple in the pew behind us caught me and lowered me onto the bench. All okay in 5 minutes and never repeated (yet).

Kerry L

Hope you are feeling better today! What a shock for you and glad you are seeing your Dr. That Eva is quite the little girl! Thank goodness she was with you.

Debbie R.

So sorry to hear about your fall. That's scary. Hope that you're feeling better soon, and that your doctor gives you the A-OK. For now, take it real easy.
Great to know that Eva is very level-headed.
Take care, Nicole.


Yes, We are too old to fall. I hope your aches are short lived and there is no real problem that caused the blacking out. Glad you weren't alone. Eva is one smart cookie. Take it easy today. Oh, I love that table topper.

Mary Kastner

That's an awful moment for you. I hope you feel better today. Lucky for you, Eva was with you. Take it easy today for sure. Be safe!

Michele Klein

Hope you feel better soon. Good thing Eva was with you.


So sorry about your fall. My hubby did the same thing three years ago. And it ended up being something with his heart. Drs couldn't figure it out, but apparently there were some skipped beats which made him faint. Take care and get it checked out.

Pamela Meyers Arbour

I am so glad that you seem to be ok but I already know what you doctor will say. "you should have gone to the ER or called 911." You never know what is going on. Be prepared for lots of tests! LOL


oh, dear! my husband fainted and hit his head on the tile floor in August. it was so scary. he just fainted because he got up too quick.

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I know how much it hurts. I'm so ready for 2021 to be over with. rest is the only thing you can do. ice packs did help my husband's neck.

Lisa D

I'm so sorry about your fall - I hope the aches go away soon. Obviously something to tell your doctor about so it doesn't happen again. Kudos to Eva for remaining so calm!


So sorry to hear it-- this can happen if you are dehydrated... which I take from the cue that you needed a drink at that moment. Hope it is as simple as that! xoxo

Stephani in N. TX

I hope your doctor gives you the okay to stay home and stitch and read for a few days. You have been quite busy. Your table topper is lovely as are all your quilts. Your work was my model when I first started quilting, so many lovlies.

Annie O

Yikes! Sounds like a Vasovagal episode from getting up too fast. Glad you are okay!
Your topper is lovely.

Cheree Hull

The table topper is beautiful! Very Kim-Diehl! So sorry about the falling incident! Sheesh!


You must have been so frightened! I'm actually glad that your granddaughter was around, just in case anything happened (worse!) had happened to you. Take care of yourself. I know how much you do to take care of your other family members.


Oh dear lord. Let's hope you haven't broken your hip! We *are* too old to fall. I was at dad's a few weeks ago, wearing an ancient pair of flip flops with slick soles and as I was crossing the living room to go get his cup of coffee my feet just went out from under me. I crashed into the coffee table and gave myself a terrific bruise on my arm. Dad didn't bat an eye. Just looked at me like it was a normal occurrence for me to flail around his living room like a lunatic.

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