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November 16, 2021



I go through an iron a year too. I don't think the expensive ones are any better than the less expensive brands. However, when I quit using soft water in my irons, I quit having issues with spitting.


I also leave my iron on for long periods of time, but I’m only on my 2nd in 20 years. It’s 2 Rowena irons that I’ve had. I’m very, very particular about how I treat them, though. I strictly use bottled Spring Water in them, which is a tip I learned from an online quilting message board when I started quilting in 2001. I’ve never once had the spitting, leaking problem that some people experience. I also clean my iron every 4 weeks: clean the anti-calc valve, use the self-clean function, clean the sole plate. I think this all is why I’ve had irons that last 10+ years. Most people probably don’t want to put this much effort into an iron, but my Rowena gives me excellent results and I love making things last :)

Alice R.

Although I don't go through them quite that fast, I agree with you completely on the pricy irons. I usually buy a cheap Black and Decker or similar brand and have found they last much longer. I've also been told that there are often plenty of irons at thrift shops for a very good price.


I will be eagerly awaiting responses from your commenters, as I have the same problem with irons (minus Ozzie). (But I did once have a cat who chewed through Christmas lights). This last iron I have doesn’t even seem to get very hot, which I find very frustrating. When I was a kid, I used to do all my family’s ironing, (this was before permanent press fabrics), and the iron I used then was fabulous. I wish I still had it. Good luck with your next iron. I hope you can find one that works for more than a couple years. Btw, I don’t use water in my irons any more, because I had too many problems with leaking. I just keep a spray bottle nearby for when I need moisture, and that has resolved the leaking/spitting issues.


My favourite irons are Panasonic. I love how the base plate feels when pressing. I don't like the cordless version, though.

Debbie Myers

I got so frustrated with the steam irons spitting and not lasting, not to mention the auto shut off, that I’ve switched to a dry iron. Continental makes a good one for around $30.


A timely post as I think my iron is about to die as suddenly it is not getting as hot as I'd like. Like you, I go through them quickly and decided the expensive ones aren't worth it. My current one is a Sunbeam, bought it at Target, and I think it has lasted about 2 years.


I prefer a hot, dry iron. We have a well and water softner, so the times I do want steam or mist I spritz with a water bottle instead. Works for me. I amcurrently using a Rowenta 1725 that doesn't have a auto turn off. Impossible to get those now.

Peggie Riccio

Good morning, Nicole-Ah, the tempting ironing board and it's partner, the iron, just waiting for my kitty cat, Ruthie, to see if she can jump up and knock over the whole scene.....she does it frequently as well. It's probably the reason that mine is now starting to act up....taking longer to heat up, etc. But I love my kitty! I have had expensive ones, but in the past 10 years have opted for Sunbeam or Black and Decker. I think I once had a T-Fal and can't remember that it gave me any trouble. The Black and Decker has a dial to get to the different heat selections, and it is terrible to turn to the desired setting. It has no place to grab onto and it takes me a while, but otherwise, it's been as faithful as it could be, given that it falls victim to kitty acrobatics. I will not keep Ruthie out of the sewing room, as she is a faithful friend and loves to see what I'm doing. She loves music, so now we play xmas carols, and we are in heaven once again. Hubby is upstairs cooking something, and we all are in our happy place. Take care, and have a great day!


With six cats, I used to go through my fair share of irons too! After going through two Rowenta irons I decided not to spend that much on an iron and bought a Black and Decker that was about $20. I've had that one for about five years now and it's still going strong! Sometimes cheaper IS better!


I had a T-fal that I loved. It lasted many years. Best iron I ever had. Just this week I decided to throw out the Sunbeam I bought at Costco a couple years ago. I only used water in it once or twice, decided I needed steam to iron some yardage. Even after 10 cleaning cycles it's still spitting black stuff.

Would love another T-fal but can't find any. Must be sitting on a ship somewhere or waiting for parts or something.

I have a cordless Panasonic but need a "normal" iron for when friends are here.


I bought an Oliso iron about 4-5 years ago. I thought it was going in 2019 so I purchased another Oliso TG1600 on sale at Joann’s. It is still in the box. My first Oliso is still going but I think is on its last legs. I do not use steam. But it does stay on for hours. One nice feature is that it heats up very quickly. I even recently bought the Oliso travel iron because I like my regular one so well. Pricey? Yes. Missouri Star has a really cute one under $200.

Pam Thorne

If you decide to go back with T-Fal, there's a little filter type thing you twist out of the area where you fill with water and soak in a glass of lemon juice to clean it, then rinse well. I do that when my T-Fal starts spitting dirty water.


I read the other comments with interest! I've heard that the quality of Rowentas varies depending upon whether they're made in Germany or China--possibly an urban myth? I had one that developed 'spitting' just after the warranty was over, so that was the end of my expen$ive iron purchasing! I've gone to the purple Black & Decker...I'm on my third one, at least, from Walmart. I, too, leave my iron on stand-by all day & they heat up quickly when I need them. I want HOT & steamy & the B&D's produce--until they don't. They seem to last 2-3 years & if they're still in warranty the company will send you a new one as long as you provide them with the snipped off plug & a receipt as proof. Ozzie could certainly help you with that task!! 🐶


Though I prefer steam when ironing and pressing, I got tired of rust in the water compartments of nearly every steam iron I bought. The Rowentas, though highly praised, were garbage in about a year. I have bought 2 Chi brand irons, one for me and one for the church quilting group, and we really like them. I stopped putting water in them, since I can't remember to drain them as soon as I'm done. They have auto shut-off, but stay on a long time.

Linda Kay Smith

I've lost track of how long I've been using my Black & Decker iron. I know it's at least 10 years. I don't leave mine on for long periods of time, though. Also, I tend to use my iron dry and use a small sprayer to dampen fabric. It's even survived a a couple of falls from the board to the floor. It broke a small piece of plastic from the iron body but just kept working. I think it's paid for itself...

Deb Enders

Go cheap on the irons. I've always purchased mine at Wally World and don't spend more than $20-$30. I, too, leave mine on all day when quilting, and have dropped it on the floor many times (my quilt room is carpeted, though), and they still keep going. Why spend a fortune when you know it will be abused? You can 'go cheap', abuse it, and still have an iron that will last a long time. I often have my iron for 8-10 years before it's sputtering for the last time. Luckily, though, none of my dogs has ever exhibited any interest in attacking it! : )

Annie O

I buy cheap irons and sometimes use water in them—but I have to buy distilled water if I want to fill them, as tap water here is very hard. I don’t like to pay more than $30 for an iron. I had a smaller sized one for years that I got at CVS for $15, but it got knocked off the ironing board and stopped working. So, cheap irons for me!

Roxana Marsh

I also go through irons fairly fast, usually 2 years max. Therefore I buy cheap Black & Decker and replace as needed. I don't use water at all, so the most killing factor is leaving them on all day because I need them all day, and the occasional fall to the floor. I did by a Reliable one time, it lasted three years but for the price I could have bought five Black and Decker's!

sue s

I got tired of my Rowentas and they were lasting maybe a couple years. My hubby likes steam to press his shirts; I have recently in the past few months started using it dry. Not too good about the cleanings. Anyhow two weeks ago we gave up on it as the leaking goo happened even on dry. I bought a much cheaper Black & Decker; and we're using distilled even though it says use tap. We'll see how it goes.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

My first Rowenta (back in the early 90s) was the best iron I ever had. Lasted for years and steamed like a freight train with tap water.It ended with a chord problem too. No dog chewed, just worn through. I've had two others since them, both pieces of junk that didn't last long. Now I'm using one I got at Walmart, don't even remember the brand name, probably the cheapest one they had.


I have used the same bernetta iron for 25 years and just picked up a spare for $5 at an estate sale. I also picked up a $5 Rowenta still in the box that will go to my quilt group's workshop. I only use it as a dry iron. I also have a rowenta travel iron for classes.


I had a Rowenta for years and years until it died. The one I got to replace it was crap. I did buy an Oliso and it only lasted a year. I got a free replacement and it only lasted a year. Too much money for one year of use! I now buy Black & Decker Digital Advantage irons. They last me between 2 - 3 years and they are not expensive.

Michele Klein

I go through irons quickly too. The last iron I got from Target is a brand called Pur. So far I like it a lot. I’ve had B&D and Sunbeam also. I’m lucky to get 2 years out of an iron no matter the brand.

Julie in WA

Cheap irons (usually Black and Decker) at Big Lots, usually around $12, are my go-to choice. I use distilled water ONLY in my iron, and I can get a few years out of each one.

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