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November 11, 2021



My FIL never talked about his time in the service either. I know he was in France but that is all I ever heard. We do honor all who have served and are still serving.


🇺🇸 We owe them our honor & respect. Thank you to all who have & are serving our great country! 🇺🇸


Look how trim and handsome your dad is. Thanks to him and all the other brave men that served for us.


I love this picture.

sue s

My husband's cousins served during Vietnam. They never talk about the war.
That doesn't surprise me, but I honor them especially.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thank you for your service, Sir.

Peggie Riccio

Good morning, Nicole-that's a great picture of your dad. I have one very similar. He also never talked about his years in the service. He went off to the Philippines early. They were trooping through a jungle, and an enemy soldier jumped out of a tree suddenly on top of him with a huge knife. A fight ensued, and my dad won, thankfully. I know he regretted that situation all of his life, and if he talked at all, it was to comment on that man's family and what that did to them. War is horrible.
He eventually caught Malaria, and that plagued him all of his remaining life. Again, war is horrible, and thanks for many thousands of men, we are free today. God bless America.

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