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December 30, 2021



A am so tempted by the new fig tree sew along but need to hold off because I have plenty of plans fermenting in my brain with fabrics I already own.

Marie Woodhouse

Hi Nicole, Happy New Year! I still enjoy reading you blog and keep up the great conversations and tips you offer those who follow. As for BOM's I do one with my local quilt shop and the fabrics are delightful in a lot of shades of pink. I did follow a couple of the FQS's sew-a-longs last year. I am honestly getting maxed out of sampler quilts. Last year I liked the Halloween fabrics. I purchased a FQ bundle of Christmas fabrics and will make a turning 20 quilt ready for next Christmas. Cheers, Marie


That's a really pretty Christmas/not Christmas block of the month quilt. I don't trust myself to keep up & finish sew-alongs which is my main reason for avoiding them in the first place. I tried one a few years ago & that's still languishing in a project box. Here we go into 2022, ready or not! Cheers! 🥂

Jeanne Antha

Don't let a BOM you don't like anymore languish. Pull the fabrics you DO like into your general stash, and gift/donate the other ones. It will lift an I "should" do it weight off your shoulders!


If you are ready to let go of the 'ugly' ones you might donate the parts to quilt groups that do a lot of charity work. Quilters locally here do hundreds of quilts for foster kids, hospice, and all kinds of other folks. There is a huge need and some love to sew and love to give. I bet there is a group in your area that would finish and get them to those in need. This is a great time to pull out those old projects and finish them yourself or let them go. It is so fun to start new projects. I think most of us have more ufo's than we might admit too! Happy New year to you and the family along with safe travels for your son.

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