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December 07, 2021


Patti L.

Can you guide me to a tutorial for this mug rug? I love it!!!


Cute mug rug! I'm guessing that you'll have another one made today! 😃 One of our Thanksgiving guests is a UPS driver. My husband asked if he's getting ready for the Christmas avalanche of packages? His response was that it's not going to be any different than the past year & a half because so many have been ordering online rather than going to stores for shopping! I guess that's one way to look at it!

Mary Kastner

Very cute and Christmasy!



I still have to wrap and mail. I will get that done this week so I can relax and enjoy the tree. ;p The mug rug is adorable. Stay warm by the fire!


Monthly mug rug gift is a great idea! Yours is so cute!

Does a pattern exist I could purchase?


Kathy Boogerd

can you show me a tutorial for this mug rug

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