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December 28, 2021



I'm so glad you're having a good visit! Enjoy what's left of your time, it's so hard when they have to leave! Happy New Year!

Dona Zarosinski

A wonderful visit! And safe travels for your son. Happy New Year! My grands also have an Uncle BroBro!


What a great picture of your kids! And the food looks delicious--that bread wreath is very tempting to try! Enjoy your time together! ❤️
PS Was Ozzie happy to see his big brother? 🐶

Kathy Czuprynski

Enjoy your time with your family! Happy New Year!!

Mary Kastner

Nice to hear that all is working out for your extra special holiday time. Enjoy it all,


So glad you are having a great visit. Half Baked Harvest has great recipes; I haven't seen this bread and will have to check it out.


Looks like a wonderful visit. Glad he got here safely and wishing him a safe trip home. Food looks really good. Happy New Year to you all.


I could live on bread alone....really, I could! I'm so glad you've had such a wonderful visit.

Does Ahren have to quarantine when he gets back to Ireland? Everything is so complicated. My head hurts.


Your post oozes with joy. So glad you had such a good family visit. Happy New year!

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