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December 02, 2021



I have to chime in on the 'less is plenty' side of the conversation. We've backed down on the tree size--our real Frasier Fir is 5'-6' where it used to be over 8'-10'. We've been decorating with mostly home made felt ornaments & some sentimental ones added in. We put out the tabletop Advent calendar yesterday, but will wait a bit before bringing in the tree. Part of that is because with our low humidity real trees' shelf lives are just a couple of weeks.


We've pared down a LOT in the past few years. We bought this home & moved in a few months ago, and had already distributed quite a bit of our Christmas decorations/ornaments to our 2 children, not to mention the yard sales & donations of furniture. In this home our entire focus is making it easier to 'age in place', especially for whichever one of us is left. I don't want to leave a mess for our children to handle later on down the road. We're both definitely in the 'less is more' camp!

Mary Kastner

We are definitely not pulling out as much holiday "stuff"as we used to. I like the idea of "not overdoing" more and more.


Ever since my daughter told me the house doesn't have to look like it threw up Christmas I decided to cut back somewhat. I Have a closet that I limit my Holiday decor to and that has helped too. This year with big 6 month old pup we are limited to leaving the family room pretty spartan. I'm not so keen on that but my decorations are safer.


I just counted my Christmas decor that is up, a total of six items. I love to see it in my friends homes, but in my own home it feels like clutter.


1) the entry looks beautiful!

2) that snow globe! I don't remember that.

3) your weepy snowmen better be out somewhere.

This will be the 1st year that I will not put every ornament on the tree. The tree is smaller than usual. Eva must be delighted when she shows up at your house.

Paulette Morgan

My husband and I are trying to downsize in order to be able to move next year so I am going through all the Christmas things and sorting them out. Through the years, we have bought ornaments when we travelled so we want to keep those. I have a box for each of my boys and I will set aside some things that they might want. Otherwise, on the garage sale or donation list they go!

sue s

I change it up every year. One new tradition we have established is we get the Christmas china out and use it all month. I have a lot of it inherited from my mom so we get a chance to use it all!

T Holzer

It's only been in the past couple years that I have had the desire (and the money) to add to my Christmas decorations. So far, I've only bought what I have loved and I am enjoying the journey! I could come shop your leftovers!! lol. I'd like to know the star table topper pattern if you know what it is. Thanks so much.
I somehow missed your last post and I've added two more books to my really long Kobo wishlist! I like my wishlist tho because books are usually on it long enough to be able to buy them on sale! Have a great day, Nicole!!

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