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December 13, 2021



Oh, I'm so excited for you!!! I can't imagine going that long without seeing one of my children! It's bad enough that I can only see my youngest, who lives in Florida, every few months! The worst part was she got married on December 1st without us there! Now granted, it was just her, her husband and the officiant/photographer, so even if we were closer, we probably wouldn't have been there, but still! I hope he's not delayed and that you have a wonderful visit...Merry Christmas!


Your runner looks great on the coffee table! I'm guessing Ahren is as excited to be coming home as you are to have him! Here's hoping his airport experience & flights are uneventful & he arrives ready for lots of hugs! 💚❤️


Nice design. Your colorway looks as though you could have it out longer than Christmastime.

Kerry L

So happy for you Nicole!!! Two years is too long! Hope his journey is safe and uneventful. Love your table runner!


Wishing safe traveling for your son without any glitches. Enjoy your time with him!
Your table runner would also be a great to do in red, white and blue for Fourth of July.

Mary Kastner

That is the best Christmas present for your family. Enjoy every minute!



so very happy for you! much needed joy during the darkest of times.

sue s

I'm so glad you get to see your son! We are also flying, to the west coast from Michigan, to see family. We have been warned to carry our vaccination cards everywhere in California. And we will mask everywhere too. We want to spend time with my mother-in-law, who is in hospice.
Enjoy your holiday and I love the table runner!


Saying a prayer that all goes smoothly and he will be in your home soon! Merry Christmas


Hoping all goes well. We have friends that just came back from South Africa with no problems. Enjoy you family.


It is very exciting to get to see your son. So happy for you all. Two years is a long time indeed. Enjoy the visit and make memories to carry. Travel mercies to him.


I recently returned from a trip to France, the whole testing thing went very smoothly, I need not have worried. I hope your son's experience is equally good and you all have a very merry Christmas together!

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