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January 11, 2022



Wow. Good for you jumping right in again. I love the Serendipity pattern.

Peggie Riccio

Nicole-sorry to hear the virus has a hold on someone you love. I do hope it's not you, or hubby, or litle Eva, and mostly I hope it's not your dad. That leaves the little pooch....sure hope he's immune. So, I hope whomever has it is soon well, and I'm secretly hoping you enjoy your 'time off' as much as possible. So keep calm, and sew on! I love your blogs!


Good idea to donate to the Boulder group! I just skimmed a few of the links to Firehouse Quilts & it's a very active, thriving group despite the pandemic! Speaking of 'that' I'm sending get well wishes to your family who are isolating. It's serious no matter how 'light' a case. I'll keep them in my prayers.

Debbie R.

Sorry to hear that some of your family are isolating. I hope they are okay. On the other hand, how delightful to have a big chunk of sewing time, especially when you are motivated and have a goal. Go, Nicole, go!


Sorry everyone is dealing with the well publicized contagious virus. Bless your giving heart for sending your quilts to the fire victims. So much is taken from them, not just their house. My best for a continued high energy quilting spell! Stay well.

sue s

I will have to check my selection of tops and see what I can do. I'm glad you have something to do while stuck at home- good choices!


Oops, sorry for your sick family members. I read that approximately one out of seven people in the US have had it so am surprised that I know so few people who've come down with it (so far, at least). I figure Jan. and Feb. are good months to stay in and quilt & read. Hopefully, things will improve and we can get our more in the spring.


Sorry to hear about your loved ones catching this virus. I have had several members catch it but had mild symptoms. Hope your family is already on the mend. Kudos to you for getting some of the Lori Holt Red Sampler quilt done! Have a wonderful day.


oh, I hope your family recovers quickly. it is miserable being sick. thank goodness for vaccines!

that red and white quilt is gonna be gorgeous!


Your red blocks are just gorgeous! I hope your family is well and symptoms are very mild.


You are such a sweetheart.
Thank you very much for your generosity.

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