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January 26, 2022


Nancy Buennemeyer

I'm so glad the cookies turned out. Blocks look great!! Those tedious little detailed patterns can be so challenging.


Nichole, I so admire you for redoing this quilt. I don't know that I would have taken that on. Also, Creative Grids has 2 rulers that help you make perfect Cat's Cradle Blocks so easily - really fun. One ruler does 1 1/2" to 4" finished blocks. The other, 4 1/2" to 8" blocks. Worth every penny as these blocks are found in so many different Quilts.

Peggie Riccio

Nicole-I am so glad you chose to 'correct' your quilt. I am proud of you! I once was working on a simple was a patchwork of diamonds (instead of the usual squares) where I used really pretty holiday fabric with a little glitz, nothing strong, just right. The pattern was traditional...I had 5 colors, and each particular colored diamond repeated itself in the rows above and below, only diagonally up or down depending on which row you were putting together. I hope I have explained that clearly. Well, I finished row 7, then rows 8 and 9. AND THEN I QUILTED IT.
I was admiring my simple stippling when my eyes popped right out of my guessed it, I had put the red square of row 7 right above his brother in row 6, instead of diagonally.....and of course, finished rows 8 and 9 correctly. What? You can't imagine the names I called myself. One of us had to go into lockdown! Since I was busy making Christmas gifts (that was one of them), I had to get cracking and make something else to replace that 'thing'...that was 3-4 years ago, and it is still where I put it in lockdown, for it's own good. So, my friend, I have been inspired to fix this baby, which means removing the stippling first, which will try my soul. But I will win in the end, and I have remained unpunished long enough, don't you think?


Your blocks look fantastic! And such a good feeling getting those blocks finished. Have a wonderful day.


You had a productive day! The cookies are a nice reward for persevering on the blocks. 🍪 To Peggie above...have you thought about donating the finished quilt & re-making one for yourself? If someone is cold I'm sure a misplaced block wouldn't bother them at all. That would be a win-win for both you & the quilt!


ugh @ Bernina spitting on your block. my iron did that recently.

yay for cookies! always love to have fresh cookies from the oven!

Elaine Reed

I sent to a email to your gmail account did you get it?

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