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January 05, 2022



Such a sweet picture of Ozzie.

Cindy Krelle

You are such a good grandma! Your granddaughter is a lucky girl!


Yes! That is a super cute quilt! But, I'm not taking on anything else as a commitment right now, so I'll enjoy your progress if you decide to join the quilt along. Sweet sleeping Ozzie is probably worn out from Ahren's visit in addition to a groomer spa day! Eva's little Remy sculpture for her dad is so thoughtful. Cupcakes & pizza...yum! 🧁🍕

Mary Kastner

Have a good week Nicole. I feel sorry for the kids having to deal with all his Covid. Makes me nervous for sure. My littlest grand is too young to get vaccinated. Ugh, have a good week,


I have three quilts in mind for 2022. One is a block of the week, Little Blocks 4.5, from the same place as Little Blocks 365 last year. But before I start any of them, I need to finish binding one of last year's quilts.


that's how I make pizza....cast iron skillet that goes from stove to oven. quick and easy.

I'm going to do Amber's Pineapple Quilt along. I've wanted to make that quilt forever. I've had the paper for about 5 yrs. ;p

Kelly A Tadlock

Ozzie is adorable! I am also going to look into that quilt along too. Happy New Year!

Nancy L Buennemeyer

Love the picture of Ozzie!! Love all those terrier breeds. Watching the Rosebowl Parade this weekend, there was a Victorian Ladies Riding group and in their horse drawn carriage sat to adorable Airedales... who were unnaturally far too well behaved! LOL

And that pizza looks fabulous!!

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