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January 20, 2022



Have my own Featherweight I bought in college and also my Mom's when she passed away. I love them! Great little workhorses. No plastic parts! I am intrigued by your seamnfuide - quite lovely. Do you remember where you purchased it? I have one that is sticky attached but I'm not a fan. Enjoy your stitching on a piece of history!


The only cookie dough recipe that tends to spread for me is chocolate chip. I use 2 1/3 c flour and I chill the balls of dough in the fridge for 10 minutes. They come out crispy on the edge and chewy in the middle. I also use 3 tsp. Of vanilla. Great flavour!


I love my Featherweight machine! They really are little work horses! I have a strip of blue painters tape to line up ¼", so your lacy one puts it to shame! 🙃 I hope you find a good recipe to solve your chocolate chip cookie dilemma! Have a nice weekend with your dad!

Kathleen B

I have recently acquired a featherweight as well. Lots of ladies in my sewing group have them and they truly are workhorses. Love the lace seam guide. I really enjoy your blog!!

Mary Adams

I use the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the chocolate chip morsel package. The original Toll House recipe. I have found that if you don't chill the batter overnight it will spread out all over the place in the oven. So I always make the dough the day ahead and chill it overnight

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I have a Featherweight and I love sewing on it. But, like you, I have only used it at retreats, workshops, etc. Since I too only sew at home now, I'm sure the little thing really needs somem attention. When I get my sewing room arranged, I think I'll use it for my next project.

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