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January 12, 2022



I made a table runner from the designer of the pumpkin quilt you showed. It is so stinking cute that I'd make an entire quilt if I didn't have so many other things calling me.

I'd make one quilt before I'd start another - just sayin.


Not to muddy the waters (cough, cough), but did you see Greydogwoodstudio Instagram posting from July 27, 2016? Another super great idea for a Halloween quilt (did you need more super great ideas?) I love this quilt and will make it. Someday. I know that whatever you decide to do with those luscious fabrics will be wonderful! I hope your sick family member(s) are doing all right.

Kathi Kittle

To confuse things even more, have you ever thought of making a Swoon 16 quilt? I think it would be great in the Halloween fabric. Just saying.

Lisa D.

I really like the pumpkin quilt, so that's what I'd make. Unless you really love the BOM blocks, then adding a second set while you're making the Christmas version wouldn't be too difficult.


I think it depends on the pattern. I have made Carrie Nelson's Toulouse pattern in Christmas (Maison de Noel), patriotic (Minick & Simpson scrappy) and Halloween (All Hallows Eve). I did not get bored at all, but I absolutely love this pattern and could make it again !

Mary Kastner

I think it would be fine BUT I love the Halloween pattern!



I have made several versions of the infamous stack 'n whack quilts for nieces and nephews. Did not get bored because the fabrics changed things up so much. Have also made a zillion log cabin blocks and quilts and still not bored there either. Generally if I have made the quilt to give and I liked it, then I will make another if asked.


I've made multiples of a couple quilts, wallhangings & table runners. If you like them enough to make them more than once the different fabrics make the next ones interesting, too. But...isn't that always the thing?...I really like that pumpkin pattern!! You're having a great week in your sewing room & I sure hope everyone is over that virus very soon!


It depends on how much you love this pattern. It would be easier to make the same blocks twice. Whatever you decide, the second quilt will be just as nice!


oh, you HAVE to make that pumpkin quilt! You have to!

Debbie R.

If it were me, I would keep my focus on the Christmas quilt and get it done. And then, when a few of your WIPs are quilts, you can launch into Halloween and whatever else has tickled your fancy by then!

Marie Woodhouse

I am making the quilt above with the Pumpkin and Blossoms by Fig Tree, I fell in love with these fabrics. Very fresh and warm!
I hope everyone is feeling better soon, stay safe,


Carol in Texas

I prefer that cute pattern with the pumpkins! It is precious!

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