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January 24, 2022



I can relate to quilting packages being delivered and me not being home! I hope that your father's furnace will be fixed quickly.


Lots of good news in today's blog to offset the not-so-good-news of your dad's furnace & the miserable job of deconstructing those blocks!
It's definitely soup weather right now where we live! That's a great ongoing fundraiser for the library. Have a wonderful week!

Debbie R.

Your comment about fabric coming into the house when your husband can see it made me laugh. It's happened to me, and I know that's a scenario best avoided if at all possible. LOL.


oh, dear! it has been really cold at night. your poor dad must be miserable. I hope it gets replaced quickly. it is so hard to get anyone out right now with so many sick with Omicron.

that soup sounds both delicious and a good source of protein for your dad. I've been eating a lot of soup. red lentils have been really quick and tasty.

I haven't bought any new fabric in 18 months or so. Trying to use up what I have because I have so much. I'm going to break down and buy the new Heather Ross fabric once it comes in.


LOL about fabric coming into the house. I had my fabric sent to a nearby widowed quilter friend. End of problem.


Nicole before you put it all back together, double check the block in the bottom row, second in from the right. In your picture it looks like it may have the lighter background also. Good luck! I hate "unsewing".

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